F1: Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Possible Race Strategies and Tire Race Sets

A one-stopper should be the quickest strategy according to simulations, starting on the medium before stopping for the P Zero White hard between laps 13 and 18. A slower alternative is to start on soft and then switch to hard between laps eight and 13. Drivers opting for this strategy will have to manage the hard compound carefully, considering the chance of warmer temperatures tomorrow.

Any two-stopper, which is slower on paper but may end up being used if the race is neutralized at any point, would optimally entail starting on the medium. The first option is to change to the medium again between laps 10 and 15, followed by a final stint on hard between laps 25 and 30. To swap to hard at the first stop already, this needs to be brought forward to between laps eight and 13, with the second stop coming between laps 27 and 33.

The following is from Pirelli tire engineers:


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