F1: Apparently the FIA did not learn from its stupidity in Baku (3rd Update)

Adam Cooper tweeted out – The Drivers’ briefing ran for an hour in Miami last night and much of it went on a discussion on DRS. Two zones were shortened here, and after lack of passing in Baku drivers are not happy. FIA reluctant to change back without further number crunching.

Along with the DRS discussion, drivers were told about a grid presentation ceremony for Sunday, and reminded that it was for the show. One of them then pointed out that without overtaking, there wouldn’t be much of a show for the fans.

FIA officials making decisions to shorten DRS zones and ruin the racing in Miami.

May 4, 2023 

–by Mark Cipolloni–

It has now been confirmed, the FIA is doing their best to make the Miami GP a parade.

The first DRS activation point on the flat-out run to Turn 11 has been pushed back from 30m after Turn 9 to 105m after the corner, reducing the DRS zone by 75 meters.

The second DRS zone on the back straight has also been shortened by 75 meters and now starts 525m after Turn 16 instead of 450m.

May 4, 2023 

–by Mark Cipolloni–

It would appear the FIA listened when we called them out for shortening two of the three DRS zones in Miami.

The decision will either be taken tonight or tomorrow (Friday, May 5), after which the shortening will be displayed on the official track map released by the FIA prior to the Grand Prix.

The FIA also shortened the DRS zone in the Baku street circuit, which hampered closer racing and overtaking in the 2023 F1 Azerbaijan GP.

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen and his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez believe overtaking will only become harder as teams continue to find more downforce in the current cars, so for the FIA to be shortening DRS zones is simply shortsighted in our view.

“I feel this year [overtaking] certainly has become a little bit harder,” Perez said. “These cars are generating a bit more downforce and by generating that little bit more downforce, the car behind struggles a little bit more to follow.

“So, in my opinion, it wasn’t the right thing to shorten up the DRS because it’s already harder to overtake than last year. So it’s something we should review.”

Verstappen added: “Yeah, like Checo said, I think the more downforce we generate – and that, of course, will always be every year – if you keep the rules the same it will be harder to pass.”

After the Baku race, Toto Wolff said, “Today wasn’t a thriller. Just no overtaking. It made it not great entertainment. It needs the tough battles, and I think the highlight [in the sprint] was George [Russell] and Max [Verstappen] being able to battle it out.

“There was none of that in the main race. Even if you are within 0.2 of a second, it is nearly impossible to overtake unless the other driver makes a mistake. We need to really look at it, we need to look at how we can avoid just a boring race. “It’s about understanding why it was not entertaining. We have two cars that are sailing off into the sunset on merit and then we have a 20-second gap.”

May 3, 2023 

–by Mark Cipolloni–

By all accounts, the FIA turned the Azerbaijan GP into a borefest last weekend by shortening the DRS zone along the main straight by 100 meters.

The drivers were furious because they were not consulted and predicted the move would ruin the action because this year’s refined cars making passing more difficult and shortening the DRS zone was a double whammy.

They were correct.

Well, the FIA has decided to ruin the racing for the Miami GP this coming weekend as well.

There are three DRS zones for the Miami circuit, the first two of which have been shortened by 75 meters this year ensuring there will be little passing using DRS.

Yes, there were 45 passes made in last year’s race, but 17 took place at the race start and restart when DRS was not in effect and the cars were bunched up.

Maybe for once, the FIA will consult the drivers before shortening any DRS zone.


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