F1: Herbert backs Red Bull boycott of bias Sky Sports announcers

Ex-F1 driver Johnny Herbert says he understands Red Bull’s decision to boycott British broadcaster Sky Sports during the 2022 season after they got tired of their announcers biased comments against Max Verstappen.

Reporter Ted Kravitz had suggested that Lewis Hamilton was robbed of the 2021 title that ultimately went to Verstappen, adding that the Dutchman was unable to win a title in a “normal” way.

He has had to eat those words and then some since then.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Herbert – who was a Sky F1 pundit from 2012 to 2022 – said he understood Red Bull’s reasons for the boycott, adding that he had had to “tread carefully” on occasion during his punditry duties.

“I was always free to express what I wanted, but if you had a bit of a go at a team they would get upset,” said Herbert.

“And if they get upset there’s always a chance, like we saw with Max, ‘Oh, we’re not going to do it with you because you said that’. That’s where you have to sometimes tread carefully.

“But it’s understandable. I always remember when I was racing there were sometimes things said which upset you, and then you probably never spoke to that journalist for a couple of races or more.

“So I get it, but when it’s down to a team, I always think you should be able to be as outspoken as you want to be in certain situations.”

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