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The impacts of Electric Cars on the automotive industry

The world’s largest automobile company, the German-based Volkswagen Group, has announced its intention to increase research and development funding for electric cars and other “electrified” vehicles while reducing investments in conventional automobile technologies.

It is inevitable that the automotive landscape will change dramatically within the next decade because of government mandates, not because of consumer choice.

There are many physical changes that electric cars have made. These changes include lowering overall emissions and improving driving efficiency. Battery performance was the greatest challenge for EVs to compete with traditional cars.

It is doubtful improvements in battery technology can make it possible for electric-powered cars to compete with gasoline vehicles in endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans or even the Formula 1 grid.  There would need to be a major breakthrough in battery technology for that to happen

For the beginner: What exactly are electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are powered by a battery. These are not motor vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel fuel. They can still be used to go from point A to point B, but are horrible for long-distance driving.

Currently, there are two types of electric vehicles: all-electric and extended-range electric vehicles (EREV). All-electric vehicles usually have no internal combustion engine, and their power is produced by an electric motor.

These cars have an average range of about 200-300 miles, but much less in cold weather where range is reduced by about 1/3rd.

Customers can charge them at home or at public charging stations. It takes about eight hours to reach 80% capacity in as little as 30 minutes. These cars do not emit any exhaust fumes during normal operation. EVs do not require any type of license from state or federal agencies. There are flexible laws in every country to promote EVs.

However, the electricity they use to charge comes from fossil fuel power plants and child labor is used to mine the minerals used in the batteries. These children are dying from cancer and other medical abnormalities.

The mines create environmental disasters and the amount of fossil fuels used in these mines is astronomical.

Possible Effects of EVs on Car Racing

In recent years, viewers have noticed massive changes in mainstream motorsports. The use of EVs is not common for racing purposes. Viewers not only love car races, but they also love betting on these races. Top position holders on https://nowekasyna-pl.com/casinos/real-money offer amazing betting options. If a casino offers a sportsbook, too, you must check the motorsports section.

The motor in these electric vehicles offers quick displacement, but the use of EVs for sports is not a good move because the batteries do not have enough range and the fans hate the lack of noise, which is the biggest adrenaline rush motorsports delivers.

 In general, EVs are faster than typical cars from 0-60mph, but then get their doors blown off by internal combustion engine cars. 

The most recent report from the International Energy Agency estimates that if vehicles were powered by electricity rather than oil, we could reduce global CO2 emissions by more than 1 billion tons per year.

Electric Racing Series

Formula E, officially the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, is a single-seater motorsport championship for electric cars. The series was conceived in 2011 in Paris by then FIA president Jean Todt and Spanish businessman Alejandro Agag, who is also the current chairman of Formula E Holdings.

The inaugural championship race was held in Beijing in September 2014.

Since 2020, the series has FIA world championship status, but a relatively small fan following.

Environmental Awareness

One obvious factor sure to benefit environmentally conscious fans is that after a race, there is no need to burn fuel or produce any exhaust gas at all. With proper recycling, there is no need to dispose of or bury batteries, as some states are already doing this.

Performance and Speed

As another benefit of an electric racing series, the use of all-electric cars mean faster speeds than today’s cars, and with the right battery technology, it’s entirely possible that speeds and performance levels will be comparable to conventional vehicles.

Affordability and Popularity

More users are interested in buying electric cars these days, but the majority of consumers cannot afford them. Almost 100% of EV buyers are white-collar high-income earners who think they are saving the planet by buying one.

They are predicted to overtake cars as the most common type of transportation on the road in the future, but only because of government mandates that would outlaw cars that use fossil fuels.

Popularity today and government support

White-collar high-income consumers are already interested in electric vehicles. Since 2010, nearly 2.4 million plug-in electric vehicles have been sold in the United States alone. Recognizing their potential, the United States government has set the aim of having electric vehicles account for 50% of all vehicle sales by 2030.

With increasing demand and advancements in technology, electric vehicles will likely be available in all price ranges, including luxury and budget options, ensuring that even the cheapest car insurance will cover these eco-friendly cars.

By providing an environmentally beneficial alternative to typical gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles are transforming the way we travel. Electric automobiles are poised to play a big part in lowering carbon emissions and safeguarding our planet’s future as they become more inexpensive and popular.


All EVs are eco-friendly as they do not emit any exhaust gas, which is carbon dioxide (CO2), nor do they use fossil fuels or other diesel-based chemicals. But gasoline car lovers don’t appreciate the inclusion of EVs in motorsports. They have their own reasons to discourage the rise of electric cars.

There are several potential benefits of electric cars in motorsports. They make good pace cars when they don’t spontaneously combust, which EVs are known for.

The use of all-electric cars will give car racing motorsports a much-needed boost in its eco-friendly efforts. More importantly, the use of these cars will help to increase safety and help promote environmental awareness.


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