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F1: How F1 qualifying is changing for Imola

–by Mark Cipolloni–

If the race does not get cancelled due to flooding, Formula 1 qualifying at this weekend’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola will feature revised rules concerning tire usage.

To appease the tree huggers, not only is the number of total sets of tires per driver being reduced, but the compound of tire used in each segment will be mandated.

Currently, drivers are free to use whatever type of tire compound they wish during each segment of Qualifying – although most usually gravitate towards the Soft rubber owing to the instant grip it provides.

However, for Imola, this will change.

George Russell drives his Mercedes hard, Friday in Imola – Steve Etherington Photo for Mercedes

In Q1, the drivers will be forced to take the white-walled Hard tires, with those advancing through to Q2 only permitted to run on the yellow-walled Medium compound.

The 10 who then make it through to the pole position shootout will then have the chance to run the Soft tires.

The 18-15-12 minute segments of Qualifying will remain unchanged.

Moreover, the total number of dry weather tires available to each driver is to be reduced from 13 sets for the weekend to 11.

It means drivers will have access to three sets of Hard tires, four Medium and four Softs for the three practice sessions, Qualifying and the race.

The allocation of Intermediate and Wet tires remains unchanged.


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