Automotive: The Complete Guide to Cobra Sport Exhaust Systems

Tuning is not just about huge horsepower numbers and the highest top speeds. It’s also about how the car looks, and how it sounds when going full out. The factory exhaust is often the first part that’s changed for something that can do the engine justice and plays in tune with the acceleration pedal. 

Aftermarket exhausts aren’t necessarily new, but the pros they can bring to your car are hard to overlook. There’s the use of better materials, more attention to detail, and exhausts that not only sound awesome but hit the mark with eye-catching looks. And then there’s the performance side of things. Exhausts from respected brands will add more power and torque to any car. They improve airflow with designs tailored to get exhaust gases faster, so improve engine efficiency. A well-built system will also last longer, and extend the engine’s lifespan by letting it breathe. 

The UK aftermarket exhaust scene has exploded in the last few decades. And one company to make a name for itself with quality performance exhausts is Cobra Sport.

Who Is Cobra Sport?

This is a family-based company founded in the birthplace of stainless steel – Sheffield – over five decades ago. It produces hand-made stainless steel exhaust systems and parts for a range of cars and has also collaborated with manufacturers like Subaru UK, Isuzu UK, and boutique performance brand Ginetta Cars among many others. The lineup has recently expanded with bespoke motorbike exhausts. 

The company’s continual commitment to research and innovation as well as investment in new exhaust technology has resulted in engineered products made to the highest tolerances, a perfect first-time fit, superior performance, and a signature exhaust sound. It’s these qualities that have won races in different racing divisions, from the British Touring Car Championship, The British Rallycross Championship, Mini Challenge UK and Formula G among others. Exhausts are also promoted through the Cobra Sport Club, where members can show off the latest upgrades. 

Why Choose Cobra Sport Exhausts?

Quality Manufacturing 

To get exhausts to perform and sound like they do, the team at Cobra Exhausts has combined decades of innovative designs and unmatched production processes to get drivers and riders in front. All exhausts utilize mandrel bending for strength and uniformity, advanced manufacturing techniques (CNC machining and TIG welding) and precision finishing procedures to ensure superior looks. 

Signature Exhaust Note

Sound is what puts the company leagues ahead of the competition. Especially the non-resonated exhausts and a back box (silencer) delete to produce the deepest and loudest sound of any exhaust system on the UK market. This is the option to get if you want to indulge in the full roar of your engine. Subtle at idle, loud at moderate revs, and thundering when you floor the pedal. Alternatively, even the resonated versions, with fitted resonators, get louder than all factory options, though with a more tamed rumble.  

Innovative Designs for Superior Performance

Designs aren’t limited to sound and resonator deletes but also cater to performance. The wider tubing takes into account each engine’s power output and optimizes airflow with no restrictions. The goal is for unobstructed combustion, increased exhaust velocity, and a faster car. The engine responds instantly even to the slightest driver input. 

Proprietary Exhaust Designs


Back Boxes and Tailpipe Options

Inside the company’s back boxes, you’ll find thermally resistant continuous E-glass fibres, and perforated tubes surrounded with wire wool. The construction can withstand extremely high temperatures and enhances the sound signature of the exhaust. The exterior consists of polished high-grade (304) stainless steel, with separate parts connected with precise, clean TIG welds. 

There’s also a choice of tailpipes in different finishes. All have the same high-grade steel as their base, able to keep their polished shine even in hard driving, and this won’t suffer staining or discoloration. Customers can additionally go with ceramics or carbon fibre for enhanced, upscale looks. Ceramics cope with much higher temperatures, shielding surrounding body parts and car trim, and is applied in molten form to the steel, forming an indestructible bond and a unique matte black finish. 

This prevents possible staining and corrosion, meaning less maintenance and cleaning. Ultimately, you can go with carbon fibre tips, encasing a heat-resistant stainless steel inner sleeve. Tips can be sourced on their own, or part of any configuration. 

Axle-Back, DPF/GPF-Back, Cat-Back, and Turbo-Back Systems

Axle-back exhausts revolve around tuning the engine and exhaust sound to your liking. Here the company has dozens of available configurations, centering around the use or absence of back boxes, and resonated or non-resonated piping. This swaps out the factory parts from the rear axle to the tips. As mentioned, buyers can also choose different tip finishes. Axle-back systems are the most affordable and will net you a unique look and sound. 

DPF-back exhausts are diesel-specific, and replace all parts from the diesel particle filter. Since the tubing is wider along more of the piping, there are significant gains in performance due to improved airflow. The faster exhaust velocity also helps with the sound. Petrol cars with direct injection have a similar GPF-back system. 

Cat-back systems get you Cobra Sport pipes from the catalytic converter to the tips themselves. Here you’ll see wider and straighter mid-section piping, along with the familiar setup of an axle-back system. The company also offers De-Cat piping, which does away with factory converters, as well as high-flow cats that not only reduce emissions but also don’t restrict airflow as in traditional converters. 

Lastly, header and turbo-back systems consist of completely new piping from the exhaust manifold to the tips. Here you’ll see considerable attention to downpipe designs to maximize engine breathing, revised particulate filters, wider midsections, and a whole lot of choice in the rear. With more room for the engine to breathe, there are the biggest performance gains and the loudest sound. A popular choice is also going with a valved system to change the exhaust sound and volume when dialing in different driver modes. 

To Sum Up

No matter what car you drive, you’ll find an exhaust system that meets your needs and budget. If you’re after a throatier and deeper exhaust sound, this is the company to look for. They have a variety of engineered and tested systems, with distinct looks and configurations that will extract the last drop of power from the engine. Different sections and parts can also be combined for the desired result. And most importantly, with the “Made in Sheffield” mark, you know that you’re not only getting an exhaust that performs and looks the part but one that will also last.


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