Mercedes EV Burns to a Crisp

Automotive: Hybrid Mercedes One burns to a crisp on highway

A £2.2 million Mercedes One supercar was reduced to ashes after its hybrid engine batteries exploded into a fireball while on a flatbed truck on a highway.

Pictures show the limited edition Mercedes One, one of only 275 ever made, reduced to a charred frame and cinders.

The Lithium-ion batteries burnt this poor fellas car to a crisp. All EVs and Hybrids should come equipped with skewers and marshmallows that can be roasted when their tree-hugger car catches fire.

Mercedes are now said to be investigating the blaze in the hybrid motor batteries, which happened when its engine was switched off and being towed.

We hope the tree hugger owner had insurance.

You would be absolutely devastated to get your hands on something as rare as that and literally see it go up in smoke because you were trying to save the planet.

The poor fella thought he was saving the planet by having a battery and electric motor in his Mercedes One Supercar.


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