F1: Belgian GP already sold out

–by Mark Cipolloni–

The Spa circuit added 10,000 additional grandstand seats since the 2022 F1 race. The race day capacity is now 110,000.

They’re all sold out. The only tickets remaining on the event website include an “experience in the sky” lunch served atop a 150ft crane.

“We have two new grandstands opposite the endurance pits, one uncovered stand with 3,000 seats and a covered grandstand with 4,000 seats,” commercial director Stijn de Boever toldĀ Autosport.

“As requested, we have improved security and facilities to accommodate these extra 10,000 fans, with larger fan zones and more comfort.

“We’re going in the same direction with more entertainment options off the track, with new artists which will be announced over the coming weeks.”

“There will also be new car parks and new zones to make coming to Spa a smoother experience. Cars without parking stickers won’t be allowed in the immediate vicinity of the circuit, so fans lose less time.”

With a race in South Africa now dead because they were unable to sign the agreement to pay Liberty Media $55 million for at least 3 years, everyone expects Spa to be on the 2024 calendar. In fact, we hear Spa is trying to get a new 3-year deal.

Liberty Media knows that if they were to axe Spa in favor of a race on the lame Kyalami ‘no passing possible’ track, fans would be in an uproar.

Rumors of it being because of South Africa’s connection with Russia is all just a smoke screen.


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