Track News: Jacksonville Jaguars may play at Daytona Speedway for 2 years

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hoping to have a new football stadium built, and they need a temporary place to play for 2 years.

One local report mentioned Daytona International Speedway as an option. The 101,500-capacity racetrack may seem far-fetched for NFL football, but Lamping didn’t dismiss the opportunity. He plans to meet with track officials over the next few weeks to discuss it.

“It would be an interesting solution, but would also require significant investment in terms of infrastructure,” Lamping said. “It can accommodate a big crowd. It would be a little wonky, but it’s worth considering. After the (Daytona Rising) renovations, it’s nice.”

He said, “I hope we have to deal with that issue (of temporary relocation) because that means we would have a stadium deal.”  Venues Now

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