WEC: Toyota President says no shame in finishing 2nd

Toyota President Koji Sato comment for the Le Mans 24 Hours:

In the 100th anniversary year, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WEC team gave it their all in a Le Mans 24 Hours that created incredible challenges for them to win their sixth straight victory.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported us.

Having worked hard for a year with the team, I know many aspects of the team.

Kamui spoke with the team on a daily basis and continued to convey the significance of fighting and the importance of teamwork.

Mike, Jose, Seb, Brendon, Ryo, and driver Kamui, the drivers pushed themselves as athletes and created a car which could fight for victory.

For this day, the mechanics had perfected their work step by step, and practiced pit stops day after day.

The engineers brilliantly solved the problems that occurred at Le Mans two years ago and last year, and greatly improved the reliability of the car.

Together with Morizo, the team faced the challenge also with Uchiyamada, who continued to support Toyota’s challenge in WEC.

No matter what the circumstances, I am proud of all the members of the team because it is the result of endless efforts and challenge, without giving up. All were heroes.

There may have been some shortcomings in our challenges. But failure only happens to those who try. It takes tremendous courage to challenge beyond the limits. I believe that courage is the driving force behind changing the future.

“Be a challenger”

This year’s Le Mans has taught us how to approach the next 100 years.

Thank you for all your support. We will continue to fight.

President, Toyota Motor Corporation
Chairman, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe
Koji Sato


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