F1: Stroll’s performance vs. Alonso shows how bad Vettel was

As Fernando Alonso continues to lead the Aston Martin F1 team and Lance Stroll struggles to keep pace, it proves to the world that Sebastian Vettel needed to retire.

While Vettel did outscore Stroll in points in both of their seasons as teammates, it was not by much and the performance level between both drivers was generally close.

Alonso has been on the podium six times in the opening eight races, including a pair of P2 finishes, while Stroll so far has managed a single P4 finish as his best for the season, already trailing Alonso by a massive by 80 points.

Because he could not dominate Stroll like Alonso is doing, Vettel realized that his real calling in life was saving the planet and hugging trees, s he announced his retirement.

Charles Leclerc destroyed him at Ferrari, and that was our first indication that Vettel was never really a superstar, despite his four F1 titles.

Perhaps Vettel was good when he was young, but some drivers lose their speed at a relatively young age, while others like Alonso race strong into their 40s.

By the time Leclerc came into Ferrari in 2019 and smoked Vettel, it was clear that Vettel had reached his all-downhill-from-here age.

Vettel’s future – trash collector and tree-hugger
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