Peter Windsor

F1 is about ‘excellence,’ not slowing the winners – Windsor

–by Mark Cipolloni–

F1 analyst Peter Windsor has said any fans calling out for the FIA to alter rules to slow Red Bull haven’t a clue.

Speaking on his YouTube live stream, Windsor said that fans calling out for the FIA to make changes have “no idea” about Formula 1.

“If people are angry that the FIA are doing nothing about it [Red Bull’s dominance], then they completely have no idea what Formula 1 is all about,” he said. “It’s about trying to win every grand prix and every championship and to produce the best car and if a team has done that, you don’t expect the governing body to then change all the rules so they don’t win. But if you do, you shouldn’t be watching Formula 1.”

“If you’re trying to encourage the big manufacturers to come into Formula 1 in the way that [F1 owners] Liberty [Media] are, you don’t want to show that you’re going to change the rules every five minutes according to who’s winning races. Why would you do that any more than you’d want to give them standard gearbox all of a sudden?”

F1 is about being the best at everything, including the greatest drivers

Windsor said F1 has always been about excellence – excellent engineering, excellent technology and the best drivers. He went on to say that Drive To Survive has missed that story of F1 and he urged the directors to go to the factories and highlight some of the technical advance F1 creates each and every year.

F1 has never been a spec series where all the cars are the same except for the paint. As a result they race and crash often and this bunches the cars up over and over.

They try to buffalo their fans to think that is close racing. Some swallow it whole.

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