F1: More evidence Hamilton is the dirty driver

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Every time Lewis Hamilton makes contact with Max Verstappen, he and his legion of fans try to place the blame on Verstappen.

The fact remains that Verstappen has no problem racing other drivers close.  But with Hamilton, it almost always results in contact.

Hamilton is a ‘dirty’ driver. Always has been, except when he had the superior car and was way out in front all the time.

Here is a video of Hamilton taking out Alex Albon when he drove for Red Bull in 2020. In fact Hamilton took him out twice that year.

Whenever Hamilton sees that Red Bull charging, he thinks he’s some sort of Matador. Perhaps he missed his calling in life.

Dr. Helmut Marko says Hamilton shattered Albon’s confidence by taking him out when we was in contention for a P2 in Brazil and the win in Austria.

“He was turned around by Hamilton and that hit his confidence massively. A P2 and a win was on the table.” Related Video

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