NASCAR: Chicago fans be prepared to be ripped off

Everyone knows you have to pay a premium if you want to buy a beer at a sporting event, but NASCAR fans in Chicago this weekend for their first street race have to be prepared to swallow hard.

Many tracks allow spectators to arrive with their own cooler of beers. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Grant Park 220.

A single can of Busch Light or Michelob Ultra will cost you $10.50, and even though you also have the option to purchase a six-pack, there’s no real benefit to buying in bulk aside from having to avoid getting back in line, as half-a-dozen beers will set you back a grand total of $63 – a record for sporting events.

We’re talking beer that you can easily get at the grocery store for $10-12 a six-pack depending on where you live, and I know you’re going to pay more at an event, but a 600 percent markup is absolutely wild.

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