Honda aims to be F1 ‘champion’ in 2020

Masashi Yamamoto - "This year is a big milestone"
Masashi Yamamoto – "This year is a big milestone"

(GMM) Honda's goal for 2020 is to power Red Bull to the world championship.

That is the news from Yasuaki Asaki, who heads up Formula 1 operations at Honda's Sakura factory in Japan.

He revealed that "spec 1.1" of Honda's 2020 engine will make its debut in Austria next weekend.

"My goal is to win in a situation where either Mercedes or Honda can win," he said.

"I am excited and anxious about the goal – to be champion," Asaki added.

Honda's F1 managing director Masashi Yamamoto agreed: "This year is a big milestone.

"I would like to compete humbly to meet the support and expectations of the fans, and humbly fight each race so that I can smile with you at the end," he added.

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