2020 to be Hamilton vs Verstappen – Webber

Hamilton will again have the dominant car
Hamilton will again have the dominant car

(GMM) F1's 2020 world championship will be a two-man fight, according to former driver Mark Webber.

"In reality, it will be between (Max) Verstappen and Lewis (Hamilton)," the Australian told Ziggo Sport.

The sport's 'corona calendar', set to kick off after a long shutdown, will begin July 4th weekend with back-to-back races in Austria.

"I don't see anyone else being a real threat, not even Ferrari," Webber continued. "And no one else can challenge Lewis other than Max."

43-year-old Webber knows Red Bull well, having served as Sebastian Vettel's teammate throughout the championship-winning years.

He says the team can now beat Mercedes.

"Yes, I believe in the way Red Bull operate as a team and their aerodynamics. The only question is what Honda can do against the Mercedes," said Webber.

"The Mercedes engines are probably still stronger, allowing them to use bigger wings and make life easier for the drivers."

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