2021 F1 cars to be slower despite ‘freeze’ – Green

Andy Green
Andy Green

(GMM) The cars of 2021 are likely to be slower than this year's 2020 field, according to Racing Point technical boss Andy Green.

That is despite the fact that large parts of the 2020 cars are being 'frozen' to keep costs down amid the corona crisis.

A complex 'token' system is being set up to allow some development of the 2020 cars for 2021.

"I think it's a good system, but it had to be introduced very quickly," Green told Auto Motor und Sport.

"We have had little time to look at everything. We're having to tie up huge resources to understand it all.

"We don't want to accidentally break the rules because anyone who does may be excluded from the race weekend," Green added.

Despite this limited development and the use of 2020 cars next year, Green actually expects the 2021 season to be slower.

That is mainly because of a mandatory aerodynamic tweak to the floor.

"It's hard to imagine that any team can compensate for the loss of downforce," he said.

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