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F1: New qualifying rules to be tested at the Hungarian GP

New qualifying rules that dictate which tire compounds to use during qualifying will be tested at next weekend’s Formula 1 Hungarian GP.

In an effort to save cost and energy, Formula 1 and Pirelli are testing a new set of rules regarding what tire compounds drivers can use during each segment of qualifying.

Titled “‘Alternative Tire Allocation” (ATA), teams now see their total amount of slick tire compounds for the weekend reduced from 13 to 11. These will be divided into three hard tires, four medium tires, and four soft tires.

During qualifying, teams are limited in what compounds they can use in dry conditions. Teams are required to use the hard compound during Q1, the medium compound during Q2, and finally they can use the softs during Q3.

If race officials deem track conditions to be “wet,” it all goes out the window and teams have their choice of compounds.

F1 was going to test this format at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in May, but flooding in the region forced the cancellation of that race.

Ahead of the race at Imola in May, Pirelli Motorsport Director Mario Isola outlined how the new rules were an effort towards F1’s goals regarding sustainability.

“At Imola we will be testing a new regulation that requires teams to use a different type of compound for each of the three sessions, with the hard tires fitted for Q1, the medium tires for Q2, and the soft tires for Q3,” said Pirelli Motorsport Director Mario Isola. “This means a reduction – from 13 to 11 – of the sets of dry tires that each driver has available for the entire event, therefore decreasing the environmental impact generated by the production and transport of the tires.”

This will be the first of two trials for the ATA. The second test for this qualifying format will come in September’s Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

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