Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB19 during the British GP

F1: Red Bull RB19 is a legal rocketship

After the British GP, Max Verstappen’s Red Bull RB19 was randomly chosen for more extensive physical inspections. to ensure the car was legal.

Among those was also a fuel system inspection, and all concluded to be in conformance with the 2023 Formula 1 Technical Regulations.

For all those Red Bull haters who were hoping they would get caught cheating, better luck next time. The RB19 is a legal rocket ship.

Not the first time

Ahead of the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, reigning World Champion Max Verstappen had his car investigated by the FIA, as part of a random check carried out by the governing body.

The FIA revealed afterward that Verstappen’s car had been randomly selected for checks, after the Dutchman finished in the top ten at the Australian Grand Prix.

After each race, the FIA randomly selects a car that finished in the top 10, with Verstappen having, of course, finished at the very top of the top 10 at the Albert Park Circuit.

As part of the checks, the FIA looked at Verstappen’s dampers, sensor systems and suspension, all of which passed.

“After the race of the Australian GP, car number 01 was randomly chosen among the top ten cars for more extensive physical inspections,” the FIA report stated.

“Subject to these physical inspections were the front and rear sprung suspension components, the front and rear inboard suspension components, all front and rear dampers as well as all attached sensors logging suspension travel (including their signal against suspension travel).

“All inspected components were found to be in conformance with the 2023 Formula One Technical Regulations.”

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