Revised Red Bull Sidepod

F1: Full list on Hungarian GP car upgrades

The full list of upgrades teams have reported for the Hungarian GP. Red Bull has revealed its biggest update of the Formula 1 season so far with five key changes made to its RB19.

Most of the other teams have brought smaller upgrades

Red Bull (5)
-Front corner (reliability)
-Rear corner (rel.)
-Sidepod inlet (rel.)
-Engine cover (rel.)
-Floor body (performance)

Red Bull Upgrades for Hungary
Red Bull Upgrades for Hungary

Mercedes (3)
-Front suspension (performance)
-Front wing (performance)
-Rear wing (circuit spec)

Ferrari (1)
-Front wing (circuit spec)

Alpine (1)
-Front wing (circuit spec)

Aston (1)
-Engine cover (circuit spec)

Haas (1)
-Floor body (performance)

AlphaTauri (4)
-Front wing
-Floor body
-Rear wing (All performance)

Nothing for Williams, Alfa, McLaren.

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