Loeb's Lancia EVs burn to a crisp

WRX: Loeb’s electric Lancia rally cars burn to a crisp

An investigation is underway to determine how two all-electric Lancia Delta Evo-e RX World Rallycross cars caught fire and burnt to a crisp in the Lydden Hill paddock area.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Tree-huger electric cars catch fire on a regular basis.  It’s so bad that when the EVs catch fire during transport, they sink ships in the Ocean.

A ship docked at a port in Newark NJ caught fire recently and took 6 days to put out, killing two firefighters in the process. An investigation is underway to determine the cause, but it likely started in one of the electric cars onboard.

The ship’s cargo included used and new cars, vans and trucks packed tightly on 12 decks. Officials have been fearful that plumes of toxins belching into the air for days could affect air quality in a city that is already home to three pollutant-emitting power plants, a garbage incinerator and a sewage treatment plant.

Environmental groups said they worried that the ship fire, caused extensive pollution in the environment.

It’s likely the Lancia car’s batteries caught fire – typical for an EV.

Last month, Special ONE Racing debuted two spectacular electric rallycross cars styled to look like vintage Lancias. Unfortunately, those Lancia Delta Evo-e RX racers were destroyed in a paddock fire yesterday, along with one of the team’s two workshop trucks.

The fire occurred in the paddock area at Lydden Hill, the venue hosting the fourth round of this season’s World Rallycross championship. Special ONE, the team that fields the Lancias for both Guerlain Chicherit and all-time rallying great Sebastien Loeb, says that nobody was hurt in the inferno.

All electric cars should come with marshmallows to roast when the car catches fire.

Lancia thought they were saving the planet with their electric race cars.  Given that the fire put so much pollution in the air, they wasted their money.

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