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Rumor: Ferrari poaches sponsor from Aston Martin

Rumor has it that the Scuderia Ferrari team has managed to poach a key sponsor from Aston Martin starting in 2024.

According to sources, brewery Peroni is set to leave Aston Martin and instead sponsor Ferrari.

Currently seen on Aston Martin’s AMR23, Peroni’s 0.0 advertising will instead feature on Ferrari’s F1 cars.

Sources familiar with the matter have revealed to that the two parties have agreed a five-year deal worth around 10 million Euros per year, with Peroni decals also set to feature on cars in the Ferrari Challenge series.

As a result, Carlos Sainz’s personal sponsor, Estrella Galicia, will not be seen on next year’s Ferrari and could be moving to the new Audi team if rumors are to be believed that Sainz will move to Audi.

Aston Martin current sponsor Peroni
Aston Martin current sponsor Peroni
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