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Track News: Heartland Motorsports Park taxed out of business

Heartland Motorsports Park announced in a press release Friday it will host the last NHRA National Event this year.

This decision comes after Shawnee County is “succeeding in taxing Heartland out of business” after property tax discussions, according to the press release.

Shelby Development LLC, property owner of Heartland Motorsports Park claims in the press release the loss of this national event is a direct result of the Shawnee County’s efforts to put Heartland out of business by inaccurately valuing the property.

“For years, the Shawnee County Appraiser has gone the extra mile, in Shelby’s opinion, to overvalue Heartland’s property for almost four times its actual value. This process results then in an almost $1,500 pre day property tax liability.

“It remains Shelby’s opinion that Shawnee County hides behind statements like, ‘Shelby did not file property tax appeals,’ but that begs the fundamental question, ‘Why doesn’t the County Commission require the Appraiser to follow the clear duties under the law in the appraisal process’? “

Friday, a Kansas court ruled against Shelby Development LLC after years of disputing with the Shawnee County and its appraiser’s office.

The final NHRA National Events will be August 11-13 at Heartland Motorsports Park.

“Topeka’s ‘House of Speed’ has enjoyed a rich history since its first national event, with several record runs taking place at Heartland Motorsports Park over the years. John Force has 10 victories at the track and will be one of many looking to win the final race in Topeka.”

NHRA News press release excerpt

NHRA announced in a press release Friday even though its event is leaving Topeka, it will not be leaving the area. The new Flying H Dragstrip near Kansas City will be a part of the 2024 NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series national event.

“We have a rich history at Heartland Motorsports Park and we want to thank Chris Payne and his team for many years supporting NHRA drag racing,” NHRA President Glen Cromwell said. “But as one door closes, another opens and we are looking forward to the great opportunity of racing in the Kansas City area at a brand new facility. Scott Higgs and his team are building a fantastic new track at Flying H Dragstrip and we are excited to have our first event there in 2024 and create a wealth of new memories in the area.”

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