Otmar Szafnauer

F1: Famin reiterates why Szafnauer was sacked

Bruno Famin has doubled down on his excuse for sacking Otmar Szafnauer again saying “we are not 100 percent aligned.”

“Nobody is saying that Otmar Szafnauer is not good. Otmar and Alan Permane are very experienced people,” he said as per Speedcafe.

“They are real assets for a team, we know that perfectly, but with this kind of challenge, the competition is very hard, you need to be 100 percent aligned to have everybody working closely together and this was not the case anymore.

“We never lost confidence.

“When we are developing these kinds of projects, we really need to be on the same line with all the team, the top management of the team.

“We were working together, and at one stage we realized we were not on the same line on a couple of topics.

“The competition is so hard, and if we are not 100 percent aligned, we all have enough experience to know that it is useless to continue together, and everybody has to learn to go his own route.”

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