Max Verstappen

F1: Verstappen filmed speeding gets snowflakes panties in a knot

(GMM) Max Verstappen has been captured on video speeding on the A8 motorway in France [and some snowflakes got their panties in a knot].

The video, taken by the Red Bull driver’s friend Mark Cox, shows Verstappen at the wheel of the Adrian Newey-designed Valkyrie supercar doing 124kph in the 90kph speed zone.

“Own goal for Max Verstappen,” reported Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, referring to the dominant world championship leader and Red Bull driver.

“It’s definitely not sensational over speeding, but not a good look when F1 drivers are ambassadors for the FIA and its road safety campaigns.

“In addition to speeding, the Red Bull driver holds the wheel with one hand while typing on the display with the other,” the newspaper added.

Before the incident, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf asked the 25-year-old if, amid his current dominance, he is at risk of needing a wake-up call to avoid becoming complacent.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said. “As a team, we are in a very good and nice rhythm this season. Such a fast car just makes it easier to motivate myself every weekend.

“I also won a lot in karting, where a small mistake was already critical. At that time, I sometimes needed a kick in the ass. Like I wouldn’t be fully awake in a practice.

“But over the years I have learned how to do it better,” Verstappen added.

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