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What are the Most Dangerous Auto Races in the World?

In this article, we highlight the most popular and most dangerous auto races in the world – Dakar, Baja and the Isle of Mann.

There is just something about fast cars that we, as people, love. The adrenaline-pumping action, the high-octane speed, the danger, are just a few of the factors that contribute to auto racing’s popularity.

And while measures have been put in place to make the sport a lot safer than it once was, there are still quite a few incredibly dangerous events in the motor racing world. So, in this article, we are going to go over the most popular and most dangerous auto racing competitions.

The Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is an annual racing event, which sees drivers race from Paris, France, to Dakar, Senegal. Or at least that is how it all began. After a few security concerns in 2008, the Rally moved over to South America, where it was held for ten years. From 2019 on, Saudi Arabia have been the main hosts of the Dakar Rally.

#202 Al RAJHI Yazeed (sau), V0N ZITZEWITZ Dirk (ger), Overdrive Racing, Toyota Hilux, Auto, FIA W2RC, action 02/01/2023 – Dakar 2023 – Stage 2
#202 Al RAJHI Yazeed (sau), V0N ZITZEWITZ Dirk (ger), Overdrive Racing, Toyota Hilux, Auto, FIA W2RC, action 02/01/2023 – Dakar 2023 – Stage 2 – Sea Camp > AlUla

One of the most popular off-road, endurance races, the Dakar Rally is incredibly popular in Europe, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Not only do fans tune in to watch and cheer on their favorite drivers, but they also place a few bets along the road. Hence, online sports betting sites’ extensive coverage of the event.

Online sportsbooks allow fast, easy, convenient and safe wagering. They offer a ton of bonuses and take the utmost measure to ensure bettor security. So, for anyone looking to bet online safely, especially on auto racing, the Dakar Rally is the perfect place to start. But, what makes this race so dangerous?

Well, for one thing, each driver must drive 500 miles a day, for the duration of the race. By itself, that might not be too bad. However, when considering the fact that drivers will face different climates, terrain, as well as world-class competition, the event begins to sound a lot more dangerous.

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, or simply the Tourist Trophy, is an annual motorcycle racing event held since 1907. It remains the oldest and longest-running motorcycle race in the world today, and also, the most dangerous.

As the name suggests, the event takes place in the Isle of Man, and racers compete on the Mountain Circuit. The race is a time-trial, taking place over the course of two weeks. The competitors spend a week practicing and a week racing.

So, what exactly makes the Isle of Man TT so dangerous? The speed of the vehicles, the roads themselves, and the track are what make the Tourist Trophy one of the most dangerous motor races in the world. People have died competing for the Tourist Trophy.

Since 1907, over 200 racers have lost their lives on the Isle of Man Mountain Course. Both fans and racers have come to accept the danger. In fact, at this point, it is part of the fun. Most riders sign up knowing there is a massive risk of injury, or worse, and yet they hope to go down in history as someone who has conquered the Isle of Man.

The Baja 1000

The off-road race held annually in the Californian Baja Peninsula is certainly one of the most dangerous races in the world. The endurance race allows modded-out trucks and stock cars to compete. Drivers have to cross an 850-mile course and be ready for any conditions along the way.

Baja 1000 winnersLuke McMillin and Rob MacCachren
Baja 1000 winners
Luke McMillin and Rob MacCachren

First of all, the dirt road creates a course terrain, made all the worse by the dust kicked up by the vehicles. On top of that, drivers have to deal with fog, ice, and snow along the way. And when we say fog, we mean Fog, with a capital F.

Often, the drivers can’t even see what is right in front of them, resulting in collisions and other accidents.

The race is a true assault on the senses, and by far one of the most dangerous in the world. And it is precisely that danger that makes the event so popular. The event has had video games based around it, documentaries that cover the race, and has been referenced in a plethora of films throughout history.

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