Max Verstappen is the new king of F1

F1: Tracking Verstappen’s march to F1 greatness

Max Verstappen is now one of the best F1 drivers “of all time” and his record (shown below) certainly supports that. He is destined to be called the greatest.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Max Verstappen will turn just 26 years old on September 30th of this month.  At 25 years old he already has 47 F1 wins, and with two more races in September before he turns 26 on Sept. 30th, he just may reach 49 F1 wins at the age of 25.

Ten straight - #1 Max Verstappen, (NED) Oracle Red Bull Racing, Honda during the Italian GP, Monza 31 August-3 September 2023 Formula 1 World championship 2023.
Ten straight – #1 Max Verstappen, (NED) Oracle Red Bull Racing, Honda during the Italian GP, Monza 31 August-3 September 2023 Formula 1 World championship 2023.

A remarkable record – see how he compares with Lewis Hamilton, below.  Hamilton has the most F1 wins – currently 103 – and is called the greatest of all time by his British F1 fans and the bias British F1 media.

While he made a few mistakes with over aggressive driving when he entered F1 at the age of just 17, his speed and talent were immediately recognized.  He was doing things with an F1 car no one had ever done before.

Verstappen is now driving with a level of maturity and professionalism with no mistakes, yet he has lost none of his speed that we saw at 18 years old.

Is he better than Hamilton?

Verstappen has destroyed all of his teammates and his success rate has totally dismantled Hamilton’s huge social media fanbase. They are dismayed as they watch Verstappen school Hamilton on a regular basis.

Their vitriol toward Verstappen and Red Bull says it all. For years, they thought Hamilton was unbeatable, and he was, as long as Aldo Costa was designing his Mercedes F1 cars.

Since Costa semi-retired in Italy and works for Dallara now, Hamilton has not won a race.

As Verstappen and Red Bull continue to put Hamilton and Mercedes in their place, Mercedes Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton have tried to belittle their competitors accomplishments, which is what small insecure people do rather than pull up their bootstraps and make themselves better.

Former F1 driver Martin Brundle was a “little surprised and disappointed” in Toto Wolff for dismissing Max Verstappen’s epic run when the Red Bull driver set a new record for the most consecutive wins at Monza.

Sky F1 reporters Martin Brundle and Nico Rosberg

“For Max Verstappen to win 10 consecutive races, along with Red Bull taking all 15 races so far this season, it’s truly something to behold,” he wrote in his post-Monza column for Sky Sports F1.

“What an achievement to faultlessly keep up that level of performance and reliability on many different track layouts and in varying weather conditions, up against mighty opposition. Congratulations to each and every one of them.

“If a tennis player or football or rugby team for example was so utterly complete and dominant, they would rightly be globally lauded at the highest level. As should this pairing be.

“Sport can and should be tribal, but you must surely also appreciate a level of excellence in others.

“So I was a little surprised and disappointed that Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff played down this achievement over the weekend because they rightly received their due reverence and appreciation during their years of total domination from 2014 to 2020.”

“It’s a golden moment for Max,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

“Max, what he’s doing, he’s breaking records, he’s driving at an unbelievable level. I don’t think there’s anybody in the world right now that could beat Max Verstappen in this car, that’s for sure”

“You have to recognize and applaud what Max is doing at the moment. It’s very special to have achieved what he achieved. We shouldn’t detract from that in any way.

In sport, very rarely, things like this happen. I think it’s a golden moment for him and a golden moment for the team.”

Tracking Verstappen’s Record Run

Destined to beat them all

At Age 25 Michael Schumacher 10 F1 wins
At Age 25 Ayrton Senna 2 F1 wins
At Age 25 Lewis Hamilton, 14 F1 wins
At Age 25 Max Verstappen 47 F1 wins (might be 49 before he turns 26)

Max Verstappen has 12 wins in 14 races this season and is on track to easiy break his record of 15 wins in a season set in 2022.

If he wins another 4 of the remaining 8, he will equal Alain Prost with the 4th most wins in history.

If Max wins 6 more, he would equal Sebastian Vettel’s total of 53, and he is just 25 years old.

  Running Tally of F1 Race Wins Hamilton vs. Verstappen
Age Hamilton Wins Verstappen Wins
18 0 1
19 0 3
20 0 5
21 0 8
22 4 10
23 9 20
24 11 31
25 14 47 and counting
26 17 TBD
27 21 TBD
28 22 TBD
29 33 TBD
30 43 TBD
31 53 TBD
32 62 TBD
33 73 TBD
34 84 TBD
35 95 TBD
36 103 TBD
37 103 TBD
38 103 TBD

TBD: To Be Determined

In his last 33 races, Verstappen has won 26 of them….amazing consistent domination and a Red Bull team that is performing at an elite level.

P1 – Imola
P1 – Miami
P1 – Barcelona
P3 – Monaco
P1 – Azerbaijan
P1 – Canada
P7 – Silverstone
P2 – Austria
P1 – Paul Ricard
P1 – Hungary
P1 – Spa
P1 – Zandvoort
P1 – Monza
P7 – Singapore
P1 – Suzuka
P1 – Austin TX
P1 – Mexico
P6 – Brazil
P1 – Abu Dhabi
P1 – Bahrain
P2 – Saudi Arabia
P1 – Australia
P2 – Azerbaijan
P1 – Miami
P1 – Monaco
P1 – Barcelona
P1 – Canada
P1 – Austria
P1 – England
P1 – Hungary
P1 – Belgium
P1 – Zandvoort
P1 – Monza

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