Toto Wolff

F1: Egotistical Wolff accused of ‘political grandstanding’

(GMM) An unnamed Formula 1 boss has accused egotistical Mercedes team principal and co-owner Toto Wolff of “political grandstanding”.

A report in BusinessF1 magazine said Wolff is being “disruptive” in recent F1 Commission meetings – including taking one position prior to a meeting and another in the meeting itself.

Wolff’s most recent on-again, off-again positions reportedly relate to debates over team capital expenditure restrictions and the 2026 engine rules.

The report said other team bosses have noticed Wolff’s shenanigans, but none are willing to go on the record.

One unnamed team boss said Wolff “is all smiles and in agreement with us and then goes back on it in the meetings”.

“Toto is well regarded by many of us and his views have weight, but we all find it (the behavior) very strange,” the unnamed team boss added.

“I am sure this is political grandstanding by Toto as it is in his interests to come round to his own point of view – as stupid as that sounds.”

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