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F1: McLaren, Alpine, Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri bring big upgrades

The McLaren, Alpine, Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri F1 teams have brought big upgrade packages to the Singapore GP in the hope of performance gains.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Here is a list of the upgrades as published by the FIA and provided to them by the teams.

Red Bull 

Floor Edge – More camber in the forward portion of the floor edge wing

Rear Wing End plate – The end of the flap element has a revised curl detail.


Front Wing – Reprofiled front wing flap


Front Corner – Large front brake duct inlet and exit.


Sidepod Inlet – Raised and staggered sidepod inlet along with increased undercut and revised mirror housing stay and winglets

Cooling Louvres – Connected to the above – revised cooling louvres to bring appropriate level of cooling with the new bodywork

Beam Wing – Taller lip on the trailing edge of the beam wing


Front Wing End plate – New End plate Geometry

Sidepod Inlet – New Sidepod Inlet Shape

Halo – New Halo Furniture

Floor Body – Fully revised Floor

Coke/Engine Cover – Reshaped Sidepod and Engine Cover

Rear Corner – Revised Rear Brake Duct Geometry

Rear Suspension – Modified Rear Toelink shroud

Rear Wing Endplate – Updated Rear Wing Endplate Geometry

Beam Wing – More Loaded Beam Wing Geometry

Oscar Piastri
Oscar Piastri

Alfa Romeo 

Floor Fences – Redesigned floor fences and floor geometry

Diffuser – Updated diffuser expansion

Rear Corner – Redesigned rear brake duct geometry, as well as realigned the suspension covers

Front Wing – Updated front wing flaps

Aston Martin 

Rear Corner – The lower edge of the lower deflector has a revised profile within the allowable region for modifications.


No updates submitted for this event.


Floor Body – Relative to the baseline geometry, the rear central floor has been modified.

Floor Edge – Relative to the baseline geometry, the floor edge local to the trailing edge of the forward floor fences has been modified. The rear floor edge and floor edge wing have also been revised.

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