Kevin Harvick. Photo courtesy of NASCAR

NASCAR: Crew Chief refutes Harvick disqualification

Rodney Childers, the crew chief for NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick, said the team did not try to cheat at Talladega on Sunday.

Harvick’s runner-up finish was stripped because of a windshield violation.

NASCAR disqualified Harvick after his fasteners were found to not be secure. Childers sent out a response following the disqualification.

“There have been times I’ve got caught doing something I shouldn’t have,” Childers wrote. “Today got DQ’d for the car buffering in the draft all day and some windshield bolts vibrating out. My guys had silicon on the threads and gobbed on the tip. Still came out. Not sure what else we could do.”

Harvick was found to have violated three rules.

  1. “Windshield fasteners must remain secure for the entire Event.”
  2. “All fasteners must be securely fastened at all times during an Event.”
  3. “Except in cases explicitly permitted in the NASCAR Rules, parts and/or assemblies must be assembled and utilized as outlined in the NASCAR Rules.”
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