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IndyCar: NASCAR moves to destroy IndyCar in Iowa (2nd Update)

It is now official. The Iowa Speedway in Newton will host a NASCAR Cup Series race in 2024, Gov. Kim Reynolds and NASCAR officials announced Tuesday.

Reynolds was joined by NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Rusty Wallace, who designed the Iowa Speedway, current Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski and officials with the auto racing company outside the State Capitol in Des Moines for the announcement.

Speaking beside a NASCAR vehicle and Cup Series trophy, the governor said she was excited to see NASCAR return to Iowa, saying that Iowa is ready to be a motorsports destination in 2024.

“Like when Iowa first hosted Major League Baseball for the Field of Dreams game in 2021, from that first pitch to the game-winning home run deep into the cornfield in the ninth inning against a picture perfect sunset, Iowa delivered,” Reynolds said. “And now we can’t wait to deliver again as we welcome NASCAR back to the Iowa Speedway.”

The race will be sponsored by Iowa Corn Growers Association. Craig Floss, CEO of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, said Iowa corn farmers were happy to play a role in bringing NASCAR events to the state, and continuing work on ethanol use in motor racing. The groups worked with the company previously in developing Sunoco Green E15, official NASCAR fuel that contains ethanol, he said, and are excited to “showcase the power and performance” of ethanol fuels.

“For us, this sponsorship is not only about bringing exciting events to Iowa, but also a great opportunity to share the Iowa corn farmers ability to meet the growing needs of consumers for sustainable food and fuel in our state,” Floss said.

Iowa state lawmakers also celebrated the event, with Rep. Jon Dunwell, R-Newton, saying the race is expected to bring more than $100 million to the local area.

“What really makes me excited as not only a citizen in Iowa, but also the representative, is the partnership — watching our governor, watching the state Legislature, watching businesses, watching sponsors come together to make a difference in our communities,” he said. “As we can come up with problems that go across our country, in our world, that’s the kind of partnership we need.”

Iowa Democrats also said they were excited for the Iowa Speedway to host the event.

“Top-tier NASCAR in Newton is a huge win for race fans, for motorsports, and most of all for the state of Iowa,” Sen. Bill Dotzler, D-Waterloo said in a statement. “Democrats and Republicans have been working for more than a decade to bring NASCAR’s best cars and drivers to the fastest short track on the planet right here in Iowa, and today that dedication is paying off.”

October 2, 2023 

Ticket prices for 2024 Iowa concerts that include a free HyVee IndyCar race ticket have been lowered in anticipation of NASCAR announcing a Cup race at Iowa on Tuesday and stealing ticket sales.

IndyCar has not learned yet that NASCAR views them as a thorn in their side. They will continue to undermine every IndyCar success whenever possible.

The only place NASCAR failed to undermine IndyCar was at the Brickyard.

October 2, 2023 

It happens every time – if IndyCar draws a good crowd in a certain market, NASCAR moves in and captures the market and the IndyCar (Iowa race in this case) race dies.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

It has happened time and time again. There are only so many race tickets that fans will purchase in a given market, and they usually choose going to the NASCAR race over the IndyCar race.

NASCAR’s latest move to usurp IndyCar comes in Newton, Iowa where it owns the 7/8-mile bullring.

NASCAR plans to add a Cup Series race at Iowa Speedway in 2024, sources tell The Athletic

An official announcement is expected tomorrow in Des Moines that will include Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

NASCAR owns the Iowa track, so it is only a matter of time before IndyCar is gone.

Kirk Ferentz - gives the command to start engines for the Hy-Vee One Step 250 Presented by Gatorade - By_ Chris Jones. The massive empty seats do not lie. More People came later to see the concerts.
Kirk Ferentz – gives the command to start engines for the Hy-Vee One Step 250 Presented by Gatorade – By_ Chris Jones. The massive empty seats do not lie. More People came later to see the concerts.


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