Start of the race during the Hungarian GP, Budapest 20-23 July 2023 at the Hungaroring, Formula 1 World championship 2023.

Track News: Hungaroring gets funding for Phase 2 upgrades

The government has approved funding for the 2nd phase of improvements for the Hungaroring and the construction contracts have been awarded.

Market Építő Zrt and Bayer Construct Zrt were the winning bidders, announced Zsolt Gyulay, President and CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt.

“The Hungaroring will soon welcome fans with a renewed look,” said Minister of Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky in his message.

In the years since the first race, it has become not only a fan favorite, but also one of the world’s top racing events.

The Minister stressed that the Formula 1 races will definitely come to Hungary until 2032 thanks to the contract signed in the summer.

“The first phase of the track renovation is already underway.  Now I am pleased to announce that the government has also decided to proceed with the second phase of the long-delayed development, that will include the renewal of the main building, the paddock and the 10,000-seat main grandstand,” he noted.

The track under renovation. Photo via Facebook/Hungaroring

Zsolt Gyulay underlined that the original 1985 utilities are currently being replaced, as there were many problems with burst pipes and the capacity of the medium-voltage network. He emphasized that

the renovation of the entire length of the track and the rebuilding of the entrance building will be completed this year, with the latter also housing a visitor center and a café.

“The long-delayed widening of the paddock will be completed next year and, if all goes to plan, the main grandstand will be demolished and replaced by a temporary one for next year’s race. Based on the agreement with the Formula 1 management, there will be no unfinished buildings or construction activities during the races,” added Zsolt Gyulay, explaining the scheduling difficulties.

Zsolt Gyulai at the track. Photo via Facebook/Hungaroring

The CEO recalled that

the situation is made pleasantly difficult by the fact that virtually all tickets for next year’s race have been sold.

“There will be four technical boxes and 36 competition boxes, with a race control center, hospitality and VIP areas attached to the main building, and an extension to the paddock area. The bid of the public tender, excluding the reserve, was almost HUF 79 billion (EUR 205 million). Approximately 57,000 square meters of buildings will be demolished, 125,000 cubic meters of earth will be moved and 34,300 meters of reinforced concrete structures will be installed,” said Zsolt Gyulay.

“It will be a self-sustaining, multifunctional event center, available 365 days a year, helping to ensure a return on investment,” highlighted the CEO.


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