Canal ride at The Venetian, Las Vegas

F1: Venetian Hotel Drains Outdoor Canals for Las Vegas GP

According to Fox Las Vegas, the Venetian luxury hotel based on the Italian city of Venice is draining its outdoor canals to construct an invitation-only viewing platform for the Las Vegas GP F1 race.

Officials say the water drained from the canals comes straight from the Colorado River. It will be sent to a water treatment facility and repurposed. It is expected to be pumped back into Lake Mead. No water will be lost in the process, and the Venetian will replenish the canals.

But, at least for a little while, tourists who were looking forward to a gondola ride will have use the indoor canals only.

The Venetian is reclaiming the water because the strip hotels face more stringent water restrictions. The Venetian still has gondola rides inside the hotel.

A 2km stretch of track runs down the famous Strip, right by The Venetian Resort.  Their hotel is perfectly positioned to offer once-in-a-lifetime views of this uniquely Vegas circuit. They’re situated on a corner turn and face 20% of the total course.

Amber Lounge

Renowned for hosting the most glamorous and exclusive events and afterparties at Formula 1 races across the globe, Amber Lounge is set to redefine the F1 weekend nightlife experience at the highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend.

Often referred to as “the world’s most exclusive afterparty,” Amber Lounge will make its Vegas debut with a one-night-only closing race afterparty on November 18 featuring global superstar Kylie Minogue. Amber Lounge is partnering with Voltaire, inside The Venetian Resort, and presenting sponsor Yahoo, to go all out in bringing its legendary blend of opulence, captivating immersive entertainment, and luxe hospitality to the heart of the World’s entertainment capital.

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