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Are There Fantasy Sports Games for Motorsports?

The world of motorsports has its own fantasy games, revving up the excitement for racing enthusiasts in ways you might not expect

When we think of fantasy sports, the thrill of football, basketball, or baseball often takes the spotlight. It is what the genre emerged into, and it is fair to say that such games are the most popular, which is not surprising that they are receiving the most attention from game developers.

But what if I told you that the world of motorsports has its own fantasy games, revving up the excitement for racing enthusiasts in ways you might not expect?

In fact, the world of motorsport fantasy games is just as tightly packed as other sports, with plenty of action for the petrol heads.

Just like other sports, the motorsports genre can be split into multiple categories. Whether you like fancy and high-tech stuff like Formula 1 or want some good old-fashioned rally, there is plenty for everyone.

So, instead of shouting at Ferrari for making a horrible strategy in F1 once again, you should try it yourself and see if you can do better.

That’s why we decided to highlight some of the best fantasy motorsport games that every racing fan should try.

Best Motorsport Fantasy Games

Going through the history of fantasy sports, we can see some huge improvements over the years and the introduction of new sports and even events that are nonsports related. There is even a fantasy game for the Eurovision, which is a music contest held in Europe.

This opened Pandora’s box and created a big enough fantasy sports market where every sports fan can try to manage their favorite sport.

In this case, we have motorsport racing, and racing fans will be delighted to hear that there are plenty of professional fantasy titles that are worth the try.

F1 Fantasy

The fifth season of the F1 Fantasy game, 2023, has gone through major changes in terms of how the game operates and the drivers on the track. Another fantastic year for the F1 Fantasy Tracker community, our reach, and our results.

You can form up to three teams.

Each team has five drivers and two constructors. Maintain a cost ceiling of $100 million.

Give your team a name, then sign in with your F1 credentials or establish a free F1 account if required. Choose one of your team’s drivers to earn the DRS Boost. Any of your team’s drivers can obtain the DRS Boost, which doubles their score for that Grand Prix. You get two free transfers before each race for each team you manage. If you make more than two transfers, your club will lose four points for each extra transfer.

Throughout the season, you may battle for victory in the Global League and Mini-Leagues. Join or start a public or private league and ask your friends to participate. There is a link in the league settings that allows you to simply distribute the access code via email or social media.

If you want to learn more about F1 and its chip system, click here.

World Rally Championship (WRC) Fantasy

Your Fantasy WRC squad will start with a budget of 10.00 to ‘Buy’ drivers to represent your team. As long as your budget permits, you may choose up to six drivers. Driver pricing is fake prices allocated only for the sake of this competition.

You can alter your drivers as frequently as you like throughout the year, but once we approach the ‘cut-off’ for each rally, all options are locked. You will be able to modify your driver line-up for the next event after the scores are updated at the end of the rally and the entry list for the following event is released. You can make as many adjustments as you like during the year.

This is an exciting game for all people who are into adrenaline-rushing rallies.

MotoGP Fantasy

As we gear up for the last stretch of the spectacular MotoGP season, fans can now experience the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship in a new way: MotoGP Fantasy.

The not-so-new game is free to play and allows players to build and run their own MotoGP teams, competing for glory and great prizes.

You get to watch your favorite MotoGP race, win points, climb the leaderboard, and win some great prizes.

Motorsport Gaming Hub

This is a fantasy game designed for people who want to participate in multiple disciplines and sports and once. The Motorsport Gaming Hub is a fantasy game built around F1, MotoGP, Formula E, NASCAR, and IndyCar.

You can create a team of drivers, enter a league, and watch and earn points.

This is one of the best motorsport games on the market even though it lacks some features. The ability to compete in multiple sports is what makes it unique.

NASCAR Fantasy

NASCAR has released yet another official app, and it is rather nice.

The rules for this season remained the same as they had been in prior years. Players will choose five drivers to start in their lineup and a sixth driver will be kept in their garage. Players can change their lineup before the end of the second stage. The five drivers in the lineup will be scored after the final stage begins.

During the 26-race regular season, players may get up to ten uses out of each driver. Driver usages will be reset before to the playoff opener at Darlington Raceway, and every driver can receive up to five more uses. Picks are usually available every Tuesday.

All points will be based on the NASCAR scoring system. Like the on-track product, each driver may earn you up to 60 points in a single race. The top ten drivers at the stage breaks will get points, with the leader receiving ten points and the tenth place receiving one point.

It is a great fantasy game for those who cannot get enough from NASCAR.

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