Mercedes F1 Team Boss Toto Wolff. Photo courtesy of Mercedes

Formula 1 News: FIA crossed ‘red line’ with recent allegations

(GMM) The FIA crossed a “red line” with its aborted investigation into Toto Wolff and his wife Susie.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss and co-owner, has been guarded in his public statements about the implied allegation that his wife’s work as managing director of the F1 Academy series meant that confidential information was being exchanged.

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But in his most candid statement on the matter to date, the Austrian suggested to Sport Bild that FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem went too far.

“An absurd accusation was created out of nothing,” he told the German magazine. “It was a personal attack in which a red line was crossed.

“After ten years as a team boss, I’m already pretty hardened and can hardly be surprised anymore,” Wolff added, “but this story was shocking.

“If I’m caught in the crossfire, it’s no problem for me at all. I have developed a thick skin and can handle it. But when you attack my family, it’s a different level.”

Curiously, even the previous FIA president – Jean Todt – has now told the French magazine L’Equipe that he is not surprised about Ben Sulayem’s recent behavior because: “I know his character.”

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