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F1 News: Losing Barcelona for Madrid GP not a tragedy – Sainz Sr. (2nd Update)

(GMM) The president of the community of Madrid admits it is possible the new grand prix in the Spanish capital could mean the axe of the country’s existing Formula 1 race in Barcelona.

Last week, president Isabel Diaz Ayuso hinted that the official announcement of a Madrid GP on a semi-urban circuit is scheduled for January 23.

Diaz Ayuso
Diaz Ayuso

Ahead of Tuesday’s big news, she is also admitting that it could mean that Barcelona, the current host of the Spanish GP since the early 90s, loses its race.

“Whether Formula 1 leaves Barcelona or not has nothing to do with Madrid,” she told El Mundo newspaper.

“If an event is in danger at a given moment, I prefer that it can at least stay in Madrid or in another Spanish region before it leaves the country.

“So I hope that others know how to be happy for Madrid, because we also have the right to receive investments – even if the government does not help us.”

Indeed, president Ayuso slammed Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez for not offering to help fund the new Madrid GP.

“We have already reached a point where I am not even asking the government for help. We simply ask them to leave the community of Madrid alone,” she said.

“The government knows this because there are many people who participate in negotiations of this type, but I have not seen the slightest interest on their part in supporting us.

“The relationship right now between the two administrations is not going through its best moment,” the Madrid president added.

Finally, when asked what hopes she has for the next few years, Ayuso admitted: “That Madrid will be seen to have the best Formula 1 grand prix.”

January 7, 2024 

Regarding F1 moving the Spanish GP to Madrid, “I think the presence of a Grand Prix in Spain is fundamental,” the multi-time World Rally Champion and father of Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr is quoted by (we had these quotes back in mid-December).

“I don’t know if in the end it will be one or two, but if it is confirmed, and it could be a reality, if the Spanish Grand Prix comes to Madrid, like any Madrileño, [I would be] happy, I know what a Grand Prix implies and the imprint it leaves on a city.

“I think that, on the other hand, Catalonia has had it for many years and enjoyed it, there is no written rule that it has to be for life in one place, it was also in Jerez at the time.

“These are processes in the world of motorsport that are going on and if it really happens, I would be very happy. I encourage anyone who has the ability to decide, and I think it’s a private initiative, so no one can point the finger at anyone and for the money to go somewhere, I think if it is done, it will be a success.”

December 14, 2023 

(GMM) Carlos Sainz Jr.’s father says it would not be a tragedy if Barcelona lost its Formula 1 race to Madrid. They have had it for so long.

Both the renowned rally driver Carlos Sainz, 61, and his Ferrari-driving son of the same name, were born in Madrid – and the Spanish capital is now linked with hosting a grand prix on a semi-urban track from 2026.

Carlos Sainz Sr. and son Carlos Sainz Jr.
Carlos Sainz Sr. and son Carlos Sainz Jr.

“Having a grand prix in Spain is essential,” Sainz Sr. is quoted by the Spanish sports daily AS.

“I don’t know if, in the end, there will be one or two. But if it is confirmed that becomes a reality that a grand prix is coming to Madrid, then I would be very happy, as you can imagine.

“In the place that has been chosen in Madrid for it, logistically speaking it would be unbeatable. Unbeatable in the world. And knowing what this city is like, it would be fantastic,” he added.

Even better for Sainz is that he would be able to watch his own son race in his native city.

“If it comes and if Carlos is there at that moment, racing in F1, it would be something unique and fantastic. Racing in your own city is something that makes you very lucky. I think Carlos is going to enjoy that grand prix a lot,” he said.

Some, however, resent the fact that if Madrid is added to the calendar, it is very unlikely that Formula 1 would also keep racing in Barcelona as well.

“Catalonia has had it for many years and they have enjoyed it,” Sainz Sr. said. “There is no written rule that says a grand prix always has to be in the same place. We have to remember that it was also in Jerez as well.”

However, Formula 1 is yet to announce a deal for a Madrid GP, and some officials have warned that those attempting to organize the event are not following the correct procedure.

“I say that whoever has the decision, I am convinced that if it happens, it will be a complete success,” said Sainz.

“It is also a private initiative so no one will be able to point to anyone and say that money is going to be wasted for this.”

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