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FIA News: Entry List for 2024 F1 season announced

The sport’s governing body, the FIA, unveiled the official entry list for the 2024 Formula 1 season on Friday.

While the 20 drivers who are set to start the 2024 campaign remains unchanged from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix — marking the first time in F1 history that the drivers who finished one season are the same group of drivers who will begin the next. However, there are some tweaks to the teams themselves.

Team Name Changes

Sauber Motorsport announced that its current Major Partner, Kick.com, the innovative, community-driven streaming platform, has acquired the naming rights to the chassis of next year’s contender, which will be known as the KICK Sauber C44..

Kick logo on Sauber
Kick logo on Sauber

Kick.com’s branding has already appeared prominently on the bodywork of the F1 Team’s C43 at selected races this year, having been announced as a Major Partner at the start of the 2023 F1 season. Today’s announcement further deepens the strong ties between the F1 Team and the streaming platform that has experienced huge exponential growth since launching last year.

Targeting a global audience since its inception in October 2022, KICK is centered on a ‘creator-first’ model based on the industry’s most rewarding subscription revenue system, a 95-5 split where creators will retain 95% of their revenue. This approach, alongside the engaging content created by a growing cast of creators featuring some of the biggest names in streaming and industry headliners, has resulted to Kick.com reaching an astounding 22 million registered users since its launch, with thousands flocking to the platform every day.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Representative said, “Sauber has always been about innovation, breaking the mould and defying convention. The partnership with Kick.com is the latest and boldest display of the philosophy that drives us. Kick.com is redefining the way live streaming is done and they will adopt the same disruptive approach in the world of Formula One. With Kick.com, our goal is to make the next step in finding new and innovative ways to get closer to our fans.”

We still do not know the new name of the Red Bull ‘B” team. The AlphaTauri team is listed as AlphaTauri RB. We expect that to change.  CEO Peter Bayer gave some insight into its plans.

“The identity will be generic,” he said. “The identity is what Toro Rosso would have been, and it’s moving closer to the Red Bull family again. But then it will appear with the naming rights partners.

“We will change the company name, we will change identity, logo, everything, a complete relaunch, complete rebrand.

“The name of the team, the identity, has been decided by the shareholders. And I need to carry it with me without being able to share, which is very difficult!”

Cognizant is no longer the title sponsor of the Aston Martin team, with that honor now going exclusively to Aramco.

Official 2024 F1 Entry List, as unveiled by the FIA on Friday:

Official 2024 F1 Entry List
Official 2024 F1 Entry List
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