Bernie Ecclestone Christmas Card 2023

Formula 1 News: Ecclestone’s annual Christmas Card message

Every year, Bernie Ecclestone sends out a Christmas Card to the Formula 1 community with a sublime message, but for 2023 he appears to have mellowed.

(GMM) Bernie Ecclestone has given a “big slap” to the Formula 1 world with his traditional Christmas card for 2023.

Every year, the former F1 supremo entertains those on his Christmas card list with a humorous take on the year’s biggest themes and stories.

A year ago, the caption was “Just organizing the plotting”, with the card art depicting warring team bosses whispering and eavesdropping in the pitlane.

Bernie Ecclestone's 2022 Christmas Card
Bernie Ecclestone’s 2022 Christmas Card sent a ‘knives out’ message

Before that, Ecclestone poked fun at the social and cultural moments of the time, with drivers wearing surgical masks shown kneeling on the grid and receiving vaccines.

But this year, the now 93-year-old changed gear entirely, with his card no longer a humorous cartoon but instead a serene winter farm location.

The caption reads: “I am sorry that I could not think of anything exciting or strange that has happened this year that could be illustrated on my usual card.

“So may I wish you a peaceful and happy end of the year with 2024 bringing you all that is good for you and a more settled world. Bernie.”

As far as Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko is concerned, it’s actually a damning indictment of what Ecclestone sees as the overly corporate and boring world of Formula 1 under Liberty Media’s watch.

Marko smiled to Auto Bild: “What an announcement! We got a big slap from Bernie for Christmas.”

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