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Formula 1 News: Dennis sends chills down spine of Verstappen foes (Update)

Another Red Bull Simulator driver backs up Jake Dennis’ claim that Max Verstappen will win the 2024 F1 World Driving Championship.

Formula E driver and Dutch columnist Robin Frijns claims Max Verstappen will once again dominate the grid in the 2024 F1 season.

In a report released by, Frijns shared that he occasionally tries to find information about Red Bull’s pace through his Formula E teammate, Sebastian Buemi, who is also a simulator driver for the F1 team. He claimed that the team has found something that could help Max Verstappen obliterate all the teams in 2024.

“Max will be far ahead of the others when I hear it like this. Every now and then I fish for some information at Sébastien Buemi, who is regularly in the simulator for Red Bull. It appears that they have found something.”

Red Bull recently revealed their 2024 F1 challenger, the RB20. They came up with an interesting side pod concept that is raising a lot of eyebrows in the community. Only time will tell how their car will perform on track. The RB20 will hit the track during pre-season testing starting from February 21.

max verstappen time magazine
Max Verstappen Time Magazine

January 16, 2024 

Red Bull simulator driver Jake Dennis warns Max Verstappen’s competitors what they can expect from Max and the 2024 RB20.

“We’ve got an extremely fast race car again at the Red Bull team.

“I would expect us to become champions again, unless someone like Ferrari or Mercedes somehow manages to find about a second [per lap] overnight.

“I think it’s going to be quite a dull season in Formula 1 with Max Verstappen probably dominating.”

If that does not send chills down the spine of every Verstappen competitor, this should:

Red Bull’s Head of Performance Engineering, Ben Waterhouse said in a Racecar Engineering interview, “The RB20 is a car that is at least six months old, and we are already starting to move our attention to the RB21.”

“So we set clear goals quite far back in the RB19 development process for the RB20,” explains Waterhouse. “Overall, we managed to hit most of them. However, I wouldn’t say that everyone is satisfied, since there is still some work to do to try to improve compared to the RB19″.

Strengthened by its performance and ranking advantage, Red Bull stopped development of the RB19 early in 2023, diverting all resources to the 2024 car. Waterhouse explains: “The RB20 is a car that is at least six months old and we are already starting to move our attention to the RB21 , even if the season has not yet started.”

Verstappen has dominated for quite some time

Verstappen has scored points in EVERY race he finished since the 2016 Italian GP (2688 days ago).

Verstappen has reacted to suggestions the Red Bull car is better suited to him than his teammates by saying he also has to adapt to the car the team provides him.

Verstappen has set many records in recent years. The latest – Verstappen has won 74% of the last 50 races (37/50).

That is the best 50-race stretch in F1 history.

Best Win Rate Over 50 Races:

Max Verstappen – 74%
Lewis Hamilton – 62%
Michael Schumacher – 62%
Sebastian Vettel – 46%
Ayrton Senna – 46%

The most exciting finish in F1 history

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