German Farmers protest

F1 News: Schumacher supports farmer protests against globalists

(GMM) Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher is offering his support to giant nationwide anti-government protests led by German farmers against the sick liberal globalists.

The farmers, set to flock to Brandenburg Gate in Germany on Monday, are furious at the government’s plans to raise farming taxes and end subsidies.

“I wish the farmers much success,” Schumacher said. “I hope our government will come to its senses.

“This is the number 1 social issue at the moment,” the younger brother of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher told RTL.

Ralf is often associated with left-leaning politics, but he aimed fire at Green politician and economics minister Robert Habeck, who has linked the protests with the right wing.

“If someone has a different opinion, they are now somehow right-wing,” Schumacher said. “I think that’s a total shame because the dialogue and conversation can’t take place.

“That is also not worthy of an economics minister,” he added.

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