Liberals Charging in the Snow

Automotive News: The insanity behind EVs in the winter (Update)

Many EV owners are having trouble dealing with Chicago’s bitterly cold temperatures.

Chicago public charging stations have turned into car graveyards over the past couple of days reports Fox32 in Chicago.

“Nothing. No juice. Still on zero percent,” said Tyler Beard, who has been trying to recharge his Tesla at an Oak Brook Tesla supercharging station since Sunday afternoon. “And this is like three hours being out here after being out here three hours yesterday.”

Beard was among the dozens of Tesla owners trying desperately to power up their cars at the Tesla supercharging station in Oak Brook. It was a scene mirrored with long lines and abandoned cars at scores of other charging stations around the Chicago area.

“This is crazy. It’s a disaster. Seriously,” said Tesla owner Chalis Mizelle.

Mizelle was forced to abandon her car and get a ride from a friend when it wouldn’t charge.

Another man summed up the situation succinctly: “We got a bunch of dead robots out here.”

But it was no laughing matter to people like Kevin Sumrak, who landed at O’Hare on Sunday night to find his Tesla dead.

Sumlak was forced to hire a flatbed tow truck to try to find a working charging station.

EV Owners in the winter
EV Owners in the winter

January 15, 2024 

Our corrupt governments are forcing us to buy EVs to “save the climate,” when in fact global warming is caused by activity on the sun, not humans.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

The false narrative of humans causing climate change is supported by scientists who feed at the government money trough. Come up with data the corrupt government wants, or lose your funding and clean toilets for a living.

That’s why it’s important to focus on just how awful EVs are, and this winter is forcing that focus on plenty of foolish people.

Let us count the problems with EVs:

  • They are far more expensive than a comparably equipped internal combustion engine car
  • The battery materials require child slave labor to dig out of the ground.
  • Mining the materials for the batteries is one of the most violent environmental acts around. Mining companies are ravaging the earth, and it’s a burden borne by third-world countries –  not in my backyard (NIMBYs).
  • The batteries, when they die, are very expensive to replace,
  • When the batteries catch fire (and they do burn to a crisp, often), that’s it for the car, killing the cars and possibly burning your house down. Hopefully, your family survives and is not burnt to a crisp along with the car and the house.
  • If you think ordinary batteries are terrible for landfills, EV batteries are far worse
  • The electricity for EVs must come from somewhere, 90% from fossil fuels.
  • Repair costs are incredibly high (which also drives up the overall cost of car insurance for everyone as EVs flood the roads and insurance companies have to adjust to deal with these costs).
  • EV owners do not pay gas tax to repair and improve our roads. That loss of tax revenue is a burden on our already cash strapped Transportation Departments.  And as a double whammy, our government pays EV owners $7,500 instead of charging them $7,500 to replace the gas tax they don’t pay – a $15,000 cost to the government. What kind of world do we live in where the government pays consumers to buy cars consumers would not otherwise want because they are too expensive and take too long to recharge?

And then there’s the entire charging issue and electric grid issues:

When traveling, and you see that you’re low on gas, you pull into a gas station, and it takes less than five minutes to fill your tank. That’s not how recharging an EV works.

Charging is especially slow when it’s cold. Not only does your battery drain much more quickly (killing efficiency by as much as 41% when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit), but your battery also recharges more slowly. This problem is exacerbated if you’re in a place where you need to use your car as shelter and warmth from the cold during the slow charging process.

EV Charging in the winter is slow and painful
EV Charging in the winter is slow and painful
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