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F1 Rumor: Formula 1 to add 4th USA race in Chicago (6th Update)

The source of today’s rumor, @fastestpitstop on Twitter has put out this statement:

“We would like to address the recent tweet regarding the potential Chicago GP.

“After careful consideration and review of the information, we have made the decision to take down the most recent tweet related to this topic.

“We have been made aware of further information that comes in dispute with some of the claims made by our source.

“We always strive to provide accurate and reliable information, and we are disappointed that we fell short of this in this instance.

“We want to assure you that we take the accuracy of our reporting very seriously and want to prevent similar occurrences happening in the future. Thank you for your understanding.”

With all that said, another source tweets (take it for what it is worth):

May 13, 2024 

This rumor, that we have covered extensively, is upgraded to ‘strong’ today.  Twitter handle @fastestpitstop says that the contract to bring Formula One to Chicago has been signed!

While circuit planning remains ongoing, the spot on the calendar for 2026 onwards has been finalized!

Event planning is nearing completion, and with Chicago building a new 4 billion dollar stadium, it is expected to bring in more funding.

The race is confirmed to be a night race, held right before the Canadian GP. It is expected that F1 in Chicago will be announced within the next few weeks.

May 9, 2024 

While Martin Brundle says Liberty Media should add a 4th USA F1 race in NY City, there really is not a viable location that won’t get the tree-hugging liberals in the City up in arms and their panties in a tight knot.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Chicago remains the best option for a 4th race in the USA as outlined below.

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On the Liberty Media 1st Quarter Earnings call, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei, were very bullish on the global demand for F1 races.

Domenicali said that the organization will announce “some new venues that could be very attractive” in the next couple of years.

“In the course of the last few years, because of the strong demand of our product, and because of the standard we are asking to work with our promoters, we have seen everything going up in terms of quality of demand, of course economical input for both the promoter and our side,” said Domenicali.

“And the strong demand we are receiving just shows really the strategy is right. Now the point is to keep the balance between the different counties that are requesting the different Grands Prix.”

He added: “Race promotion, before COVID, everyone was worried about the fact in terms of revenue stream, this could have been a very flat line.

“And actually, the fact that we have a lot of demand, of course, is pushing up also the possibility of maximizing in the best way that we can the race promotion fees.

“But it has to be connected to our strategic development in different markets. So everything is progressing very, very well. And I would say in the next couple of years, I’m expecting to see – and we are expected to announce – also some new venues that could be very attractive to grow the business of F1.”

Maffei admitted that strong demand from competing venues allows F1 to generate more income from race hosting fees.

“I think for a long time it was perceived that the growth and promotion would come from incremental races,” said Maffei. “And we obviously went from 18 or something to up to this 24 level, which is where we do not anticipate growing any more races.

“But it actually creates a great incentive, scarcity, to be able to play promoters off against each other and not to try to, not take advantage of them, but just given the amount of demand we have both among fans to attend and among promoters to host an event, we’ve been able to find attractive pricing and good uplifts.

“And we continue to find new venues and new locations which find it very attractive, given the amount of demand we have and given the opportunities they’ve seen others pursue. So far, so good on promotion, and I do think it continues to remain a growth area.”

However, with the calendar essentially already at capacity, the inclusion of any new event will almost certainly come in place of an existing race.

A number of grands prix have been renewed for the medium or long term, but Imola and Monaco pay the lowest hosting fee and both should be axed for better paying events. While Monaco is very historic, the track is no longer suitable for a F1 race. Passing is impossible. Unless Monaco is willing to extend the track and create some passing opportunities, it should axed.

Current F1 Event Statistics

Rnd 2024 Date Event Circuit Location Hosting Fee ($) Contract Good Thru 2023 3-Day Attendance Length (km) Length (Miles) Turns Laps
1 March 2 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit Sakhir 45 million 2036 99,500 5.412 3.363 15 57
2 March 9 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Jeddah Street Circuit Jeddah 55 million 2030 150,000 6.175 3.837 27 50
3 March 24 Australian Grand Prix Albert Park Circuit Melbourne 40 million 2035 444,631 5.279 3.280 16 58
4 April 7 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka International Racing Course Suzuka 50 million 2029 222,000 5.807 3.608 18 53
5 April 21 Chinese GP Shanghai Intl Circuit Shanghai 50 million 2025 No Race 5.451 3.387 16 56
6 May 7 Miami Grand Prix Miami International Autodrome Miami Collaboration
Assume $45M
2031 270,491 5.410 3.362 19 57
7 May 19 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Imola Imola 20 million 2025 No Race 4.909 3.050 21 66
8 May 26 Monaco Grand Prix Circuit de Monaco Monte Carlo 20 million 2025 200,000 3.340 2.075 19 78
9 June 9 Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 14 turns Montreal 30 million 2031 345,000 4.361 2.710 14 70
10 June23 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Barcelona Montmeló 25 million 2026 284,066 4.655 2.892 16 66
11 June 30 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring Spielberg 25 million 2030 304,000 4.326 2.688 10 71
12 July 7 British Grand Prix Silverstone Circuit Silverstone 40 million 2034 480,000 5.891 3.660 18 52
13 July 21 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring Mogyoród 40 million 2032 303,000 4.381 2.722 14 70
14 July 28 Belgian Grand Prix Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Stavelot 25 million 2025 380,000 7.004 4.352 19 44
15 August 25 Dutch Grand Prix Circuit Zandvoort Zandvoort 32 million 2025 305,000 4.459 2.771 14 72
16 September 1 Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale di Monza Monza 25 million 2025 304,135 5.793 3.600 17 53
17 September 15 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Baku City Circuit Baku 55 million 2026 95,000 6.003 3.730 20 51
18 September 22 Singapore Grand Prix Marina Bay Street Circuit Singapore 35 million 2028 264,108 5.063 3.146 23 61
19 October 20 United States Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas Austin 25 million 2026 432,000 5.513 3.426 20 56
20 October 27 Mexico City Grand Prix Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Mexico City 25 million 2025 400,639 4.304 2.674 17 71
21 November 3 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Autódromo José Carlos Pace São Paulo 30 million 2030 267,000 4.309 2.677 15 71
22 November 23 Las Vegas Grand Prix Las Vegas Street Circuit Las Vegas Owned by F1
Assume $45M
2033 315,000 6.120 3.803 17 50
23 December 1 Qatar Grand Prix Losail International Circuit Losail 55 million 2032 120,000 5.380 3.343 16 57
24 December 8 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi 40 million 2030 165,000 5.554 3.451 21 55
   w/o Madrid  $877 million  6,150,570 Averages  3.234 mi.  18  60
25 TBD Spanish GP IFEMA Madrid Circuit Madrid 65 million 2035 330,000 5.474 3.401 20 56
   w/Madrid  $942 million 6,480,570 Averages  3.240 mi.  18  60


To maintain their place on the calendar, those promoters will be expected to pay the market rate – which has been inflated by the demand for events in recent years.

February 10, 2024 

Organizers of the planned Chicago Grand Prix want to prioritize racing over “show.”

Sources reveal that the planned Chicago Grand Prix will be “European-esque” and it will combine elements of loved European tracks into the planned Street Track.

The track will go around Soldier Field stadium and consist of a general mix of low, medium and high speed corners, even though the organizers aim to prioritize the medium speed ones to optimize overtaking opportunities.

Soldier Field in Chicago

The organizers are said to want to prioritize racing and speed before show, to balance out how races like Vegas and Miami are flashy. Source: Fastest Pitstop

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Chicago Soldier Field Concept
Chicago Soldier Field Concept

February 8, 2024 

Twitter User Fastest Pitstop reports, “Sources reveal there are extensive plans to hold an F1 race in the Windy City.

The event may be named either the “North American Grand Prix” or the “Chicago Festival Grand Prix”, as the trademark application for the “Chicago Grand Prix” name will likely be rejected.

 Race looks to be targeted for late April-Mid June to coincide with ideal weather and the right fit in the calendar, preferably before or after Canada.

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February 8, 2024 

If there is a Chicago Grand Prix, it won’t happen until 2025 at the absolute earliest, but more likely 2026.

While there’s no official word on a Chicago Grand Prix, the Austin U.S. grand prix, Miami GP and Las Vegas GP did become realities shortly after their names were trademarked.

The F1 calendar can have no more than 25 races per year according to the Concorde Agreement.  However, a new Concorde Agreement will come into effect in 2026.

Here is a list of current F1 races and when their hosting contract expires.  As you can see from this list, with the addition of the Spanish GP in Madrid, F1 would be at the 25-race maximum, so one would have to drop to make room for Chicago.

January 27, 2024 

Liberty Media has registered the trademark “Formula 1 Grand Prix Of Chicago” and rumor has it that they are eyeing a 4th race in the USA.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Long Beach showed some interest but never submitted a formal proposal, so Liberty Media figured they were not interested and started looking elsewhere.

They looked at NY City but found no suitable location.

After seeing the success of the NASCAR street race in Chicago, Liberty Media must have figured they can go one better in the Windy City.

There were actually 4 trademark names filed for:

  • Grand Prix of Chicago
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix of Chicago
  • Chicago Grand Prix
  • Formula 1 Chicago Grand Prix

We shall see if this leads to a 4th F1 race in the USA.

F1 seems to be eying more street races. The Las Vegas Grand Prix added another street circuit to the schedule last November, and news came this past week that starting in 2026 F1 will see a street race in Madrid.

So perhaps Chicago could be next …

We expect the race, if it happens, would be an afternoon race, but a night race would not be out of the question.


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