Marianne Hinson gave a McLaren YouTube video lesson on aerodynamics

FIA News: F1 governing body makes key new hire in Hinson

The FIA has confirmed that former McLaren F1 Aerodynamicist Marianne Hinson as the new head of the technical auditing department.

Hinson brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the sport’s technical nuances to her new role at the governing body.

Hinson transitions from her aerodynamic role at McLaren to become the FIA’s Technical Head of Auditing. Her vast experience in F1 aerodynamics will be pivotal in monitoring teams’ compliance with the sport’s stringent aerodynamic development and testing regulations.

The FIA imposes strict limits on aerodynamic development activities, including wind tunnel usage and CFD work, with a sliding scale that allocates fewer hours to more successful teams. Hinson’s role is crucial in ensuring that teams adhere to these allocations, thereby maintaining the competitive balance within the sport.

The FIA is intensifying its audit strategy, including unannounced visits to team factories. This approach aims for immediate access to team facilities during audits to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory enforcement.

On her LinkedIn profile, Hinson spoke with pride about starting the new role at the FIA, which will see her actively monitoring and auditing how each team uses their allocated hours.

“Well, this is going to be different…” she said.

“After nearly 10 years at McLaren and 23 years in F1 teams, I’m doing something different. I’ve done some consultancy and enjoyed a bit of a break over the summer.

“But I couldn’t stay away from F1 for long. I’m joining the FIA as Head of Technical Audit for F1.

“I keep hearing the phrase “from poacher to gamekeeper” but that makes it sound like I was up to something dodgy before which I categorically wasn’t!

“Looking forward to getting stuck in, and to seeing some familiar faces on my visits. Though I’ll never be able to let you know in advance that I’m coming! Be kind to us, we are all in it for the sport…”

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