Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton - 2025 and 2026 Ferrari teammates

Formula 1 News: Will Leclerc mop up Hamilton, or be mopped?

With Lewis Hamilton headed to Ferrari in 2025, he will be teamed with Charles Leclerc who is expected to fight Hamilton fiercely to be #1 in the team.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

There are two egos at stake, but more importantly, two reputations.

There is no question that Leclerc is a very fast driver, and his goal will be to destroy Hamilton, who many consider one of the best, if not the best, F1 driver of this era.

If Leclerc can destroy Hamilton, his ranking in the world’s eyes will skyrocket.

Hamilton will do everything in his power to destroy Leclerc to keep his status as top dog.  Well, arguably Max Verstappen is the best driver in F1, so Hamilton will be looking to keep his #2 most talented status.

Former driver, and now F1 pundit, David Coulthard, thinks that Leclerc may be Hamilton’s toughest teammate yet.  We would argue it was Fernando Alonso at McLaren, but we shall see.

“I think he will find one of his biggest challenges in Charles Leclerc… Yes, he doesn’t have the World Championships and experience of Lewis, but I think he’s a Champion in waiting, so that may well be where Lewis faces his greatest challenge,” David Coulthard said.

Coulthard stresses that it will only be a matter of time before Father Time catches up to Hamilton, “Everyone will have their own opinion, but I think that Charles is a stunning qualifier. I think Hamilton is an amazing racing driver, but at 40 years old I don’t see him getting quicker over a single lap and, by that time, Charles will be at his prime.”

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