F1 News: Tsunoda plays down claims of VCARB/Red Bull ‘clone’

(GMM) Yuki Tsunoda has played down suggestions that the Visa Cash App RB VCARB01 is a clone of the Red Bull RB19 or RB20.

Some staff of the newly-branded RB outfit, which is still mainly based in Italy, are now being housed in a dedicated building at Red Bull’s Milton-Keynes headquarters.

The two teams also now share a wind tunnel, and have each produced cars for 2024 that suspiciously resemble aspects of the earlier-defunct Mercedes car concept of 2022-2023.

Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo
Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo

Japanese Tsunoda, however, insists: “Not much has changed from last year.”

However, one clear move is RB’s move to pull-rod front suspension for the new season – fully in line with Red Bull Racing.

“It hasn’t changed that much,” Tsunoda insisted again. “The steering feels a little lighter.”

Teammate Daniel Ricciardo has also played down hopes of early podiums.

Tsunoda says it’s not correct that their new car for 2024 is in many ways a Red Bull clone.

“There are clips of me saying that a lot has changed, people are spreading that around, but I’m not saying that. And I’m telling people not to have high expectations,” he said.

“Just because the team name has changed doesn’t mean the cars have changed that much. We introduced an update at the final race last year that was originally planned to be in the new car for 2024. So this new car hasn’t changed all that much from last year’s final race.

“But it’s certainly not bad,” Tsunoda added.

It’s unmistakable that RB and Red Bull now share certain components and concepts, but Tsunoda insists: “That is all done within the regulations.

“We develop our own aerodynamics, so we are an independent team with no connection to Red Bull in that respect.”

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