Christian Horner and Jos Verstappen

Formula 1 Rumor: Horner saga takes yet another turn of events

Spanish journalist Carlos Miquel, who writes for Marca, dropped a new bombshell on the Horner case: “It is said in the paddock that Jos Verstappen has a romantic relationship with Christian Horner’s former secretary, to whom he sent the inappropriate messages.”

We reported this rumor last week, but it was just a rumor. Now this report from Carlos Miquel appears to back that rumor.

According to the newspaper, Jos Verstappen is in fact having a relationship with the employee who accused Horner of inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Therefore, according to information from the newspaper, it was Jos Verstappen who sent – or had sent – the email with the contents against Horner to the journalists present at the weekend in Bahrain, having in his hands all the material and evidence provided by the woman during the internal investigation at Red Bull.

If this is true, If Max Verstappen wants to stay with the Red Bull team, he has to cut all F1 business dealings with his father, just like Lewis Hamilton had to do with his father.

If Jos Verstappen is indeed romantically involved with this same woman, and if he did send the emails to all the journalists in Bahrain to get Horner fired so he could carry on his relationship with this woman and still hang out in the Red Bull team hospitality, there is no way Horner is ever again going to allow Jos anywhere near his team.

Jos has a reputation that precedes him.  He beat the shit out of his own father and was arrested on attempted murder charges – it was reported he tried to run her over his ex-girlfriend with his car.

After a 1998 incident at a karting track in which a man suffered a fractured skull, Verstappen and his father, Frans, were found guilty in court of assault but were each given a five-year suspended jail sentence after reaching an out-of-court settlement with the victim

Max’s mother, Sophie, who divorced Jos, had to get a restraining order against him. So obviously, Jos has some anger management issues.

Hence, Max has a decision to make – disown his father and drive the best car in F1 designed by Adrian Newey and Pierre Wache, or leave the team and drive a wanker-mobile for another team.

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