Christian Horner and Dr. Helmut Marko watch Max Verstappen celebrates another win in 2023. Photo Red Bull Supplied.

Formula 1 Rumor: Marko may be suspended by Red Bull

In what could be an ongoing fight for control between Horner and the Thailand Group, vs the Austrians, Dr. Helmut Marko has informed Austrian News outlet ORF that he may be suspended by Red Bull for media leaks.

In conversation with the Austrian broadcaster, he is confronted with the rumor that Marko will be suspended by Red Bull and will not be present at the Australian GP: “How shall I put it. It’s hard to explain, but in the end I decide what I’m going to do.”

But is there a possibility (of suspension, ed.)? “That theoretical possibility exists,” Marko confirms.

Marko is subject to an investigation by Red Bull relating to various media leaks. The investigation remains ongoing, and no conclusion has been reached regarding whether Marko breached team protocol at all.

Whether that is his own choice or a decision by Red Bull, Marko does not want to answer: “It is such a complex issue. And again, we want calm in the team, and we want to see it. This world championship is going to be difficult enough with 24 races, and that’s what we have to focus on.”

Marko is also asked about Verstappen’s position, which is also often linked to Marko’s future. There would even be a Marko clause in the Dutchman’s contract, which would allow him to leave should Marko leave the team.

Max is definitely the strongest asset, there are no faster drivers at the moment. Losing him would be a huge loss. Also for the mechanics and engineers, who all aspire to work for Max.”

Max on Helmut Marko hinting of being suspended by Red Bull GmBH

“I have a lot of respect for Helmut. What we have achieved together goes back a very far. My loyalty to him is very great.

I have always made it known to everyone on the team, the high-ranking gentlemen, that Helmut is an important part of my future in the team. So it’s very important that he stays with the team, just like the rest. It’s a team achievement, so it’s important that everyone stays together.

If such an important pillar falls away, I also said that to the team, that is not good for my situation either. So for me Helmut has to stay.”

“He has built this team together with Dietrich [Mateschitz], since day one.

He has always been loyal to the team, everyone on the team, to make sure everyone who has been walking there for a long time stayed in their place.

It is very important that he gains a lot of respect for what he has achieved. That also has to do with loyalty and integrity, so it is absolutely very important that he stays with the team, for me too.”

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