IndyCar: Sunday Morning Report for $1 Million Challenge

Today is race day for the IndyCar $1 million challenge at the unique Thermal Club in Thermal, California. Temperatures are a bit cooler this morning, in the low 50s. By race time, they should warm up to the mid-60s.

The format today is going to be different than most race days.   There will be two heat races run before the final all-star race.  And no championship points will be awarded.

Each heat will consist of 10 laps or be timed at 20 minutes.  Laps under full course yellow will not count, however, the race clock will continue.  A lap will be counted as complete when the leader crosses the start-finish line.

Pit stops will only be for emergency service.  Each entry will receive a new set of primary Firestone tires.  A car making an adjustment not deemed an emergency will be disqualified.

Each car will receive 40 seconds of push-to-pass in each heat race.

The top six advancing cars from each heat race will make up the field for The Thermal Club $1 Million Challenge. The heat race winner determines the pole position and odd-numbered starting positions, with the fastest time from qualifications occupying the pole. The heat race line-up will be in positions 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.

The race will consist of 20 laps divided into two 10-lap sprint segments with a 10-minute “halftime” break following the completion of Lap 10.

During the break, care will return to their pit boxes and are allowed to add fuel, adjust front and rear wing angles, and adjust tire pressure.

There will be no time limit for the final race.  Each car will receive 40 seconds of push-to-pass for each half of the all-star race.

This is quite different form the usual Sunday IndyCar race.

The first heat race will start at 9:30 am PDT and the second heat race will start at 10:10 am.   The all-star race will start at approximately 11 am.

Stay tuned for updates from the three races.

Photo Courtesy of Penske Entertainment – Chris Jones

Lucille Dust reporting live from The Thermal Club

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