Liberty Media President and CEO Greg Maffei

MotoGP News: Liberty-owned MotoGP not merging with F1 – Maffei

(GMM) Greg Maffei, the CEO of Formula 1’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media, has shot down rumors the category will be amalgamated with MotoGP.

As F1 emerged from Easter, Liberty confirmed that it has acquired the series’ two-wheeled equivalent, following reports of a whopping 4-plus billion dollar deal.

There had even been rumors that Liberty might start hosting joint F1-MotoGP race weekends. However, in its media statement, Liberty said MotoGP will be run “independently” out of Madrid with its long-time supremo Carmelo Ezpeleta still at the helm.

Maffei then told reporters: “The only thing we are not going to do is run MotoGP and Formula 1 together, both for regulatory issues and for the structure of our agreement with F1 partners and teams.”

He said the main goal is catch MotoGP up with F1 in other areas.

“I’d like to think that we have an idea of how the media landscape is evolving, and how to make the product attractive to partners outside of the traditional base of Italy, Spain and France,” said the Liberty CEO.

“But as MotoGP is in a better position than F1 was when Liberty intervened, there won’t be as many changes.

“The existing format, with the longest race being 45 minutes, is already perfect for the young American public, both male and female. As soon as it gains some resonance, they will love this sport.

“MotoGP and F1 will remain separate,” Maffei insisted.

“The one thing we will not be doing is negotiating MotoGP and Formula 1 together, both because of the regulatory issues and because of the structure of our deal with our F1 partners and teams,” said Maffei.

“So, that’s a non-starter. I would like to think Liberty has insights into how the media landscape is evolving and how to make the product appealing to media partners outside of the traditional bases of Italy and Spain and France, and to help grow in those other markets. I think we have some insights on that.”

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