Charles Leclerc

Formula 1 News: Can an IndyCar team design and build an F1 car?

These videos take IndyCar fans behind the scenes at the Mercedes F1 car and Aston Martin factories, to explain what happens at a F1 factory that does not happen at an IndyCar team shop.

There is so much more that an F1 team has to do vs. an IndyCar team, an IndyCar team would not even know where to start because they buy a ‘spec’ car and race it.

Certainly, an IndyCar team does about 1% of what you will see in this video, so to think an IndyCar team can decide it wants to design and build a competitive F1 car is a giant leap of naivety. It’s likely why FOM rejected the Andretti-Cadillac application.

The videos show you some of the departments you don’t see on TV and what goes on behind closed doors to design and build a successful F1 car.

And these videos do not show you the half of it.  There is far more that goes on at an F1 team factory that is not shown in these videos so as not to give away team secrets – for example, a software development department that writes custom code for all aspects of car design, development, and on-track sensor monitoring and performance.


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